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Protecting yourself and Security Questions

Security Overview -an overview of bidlister.com security.

1. How do I know if an email is really from bidlister?- When bidlister sends you an email we use it solely as a notification and DO NOT ever ask for any personal or sensitive information. Sometimes scammers or spoofers will send emails "spoofing" or "phishing", these scammers will use these emails to gather personal information. Do not give any personal information via email and also NEVER click on any links in an email you suspect as a spoof or they may lead you to link in order to gather your personal information. If you receive any emails that say they are from bidlister and are asking for personal account details or seem suspicious in any way or ask for any sensitive information do not reply and please report it to us at security@bidlister.com.

2. How do I report Security Concerns?- If you have any security concerns or think that someone is attempting to access you personal information or you suspect an illegitimate or "spoof" email please report these concerns to security@bidlister.com

3. How is my payment information kept safe?-All payment information is sent using secure encryption to get the information to our payment providers. Bidlister does not keep any credit card numbers or other payment information on record.

4. What are cookies?-bidlister uses cookies for the purposes of streamlining your experience on our site. You can always choose to not accept cookies by turning them off in your browser settings on your computer. Certain features of the site will not be accessible if you choose to not accept cookies. Most of the cookies used on bidlister are "session" cookies and will be deleted from your computers hard drive once you log out. Bidlister uses these cookies to: Allow you to use the site without having to continually re-enter your password Provide information pertinent to your interests Enforce safety and security Use various features only available through the use of cookies. Again you are always free to not accept cookies and for any additional security concerns on how information is used on bidlister you can review our Privacy Policy.

5. How can I protect myself against identity theft? - If you have received a suspected scamming email or have concerns that your account has been tampered with Plea

6 .How do I protect myself against scams or scammers and fraud?-Although we do everything we can to prevent fraud and scams there are people out here willing to try. We offer this helpful page of the most common scams and fraud and what you can do about it.
Email scammers or phishing-One way in which someone might try to gain access of your information is done by sending emails claiming to be from bidlister asking for personal information or asking you to link to another site that may attempt to gather information. BIDLISTER NEVER ASKS FOR ANY PERSONAL OR ACCOUNT INFORMATION VIA EMAIL. If you receive an email from someone claiming to be bidlister asking for any personal information please does not reply and do not click to any link and immediately notify us at security@bidlister.com

Most common forms of fraud-

One way fraud occurs is when the item you paid for is never shipped or the item you paid for isn't the same item that was listed. Some of these frauds can be prevented by reviewing a seller’s feedback and providing feedback after purchasing an item. If this happens to you please report it to abuse@bidlister.com and we will investigate the matter.

Another way you can spot a scam is if a seller is requesting personal information once a payment has been made via a secure method or is requesting bank information from you.

If a seller is selling a very high price item with zero feedback.

If a seller only leaves you with a pager or messaging system phone number.

Makes an excuse as to why they can not receive payments via our secure online payment methods.

If you are concerned about a scam or fraud or find something suspicious please contact us with any questions regarding the matter at abuse@bidlister.com

If you still haven't found what you needed you can also contact us at customerservice@bidlister.com

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