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About us

Welcome to Bidlister. We are glad you are visiting us today. Please feel free to use our site like it is your own.

Bidlister was created for you, the customer. We wanted to give you a clean and easy to use site. We created a marketplace to sell and advertise your goods and services. Our Site combines buying & selling, listing a service, posting a video to sell an item & trading items into one seamless platform. Not only do we link buyers and sellers, we are also a services portal for all types of professions and industries. With our service zone and trade zone areas, we combine concepts. Our site is the first to combine these into one platform. We pride ourselves in being in the forefront in e-commerce.BIDLISTER.COM represents that end result, a new generation of online auctions for the e-marketplace.

Bidlister was created by Michael Kauffman in 2008. Mr. Kauffman started Paper Mill Surplus, LLC. an industry leader in used pulp & paper mill equipment & machinery. He later created the web sites, papermillsurplus.com and surpluport.com with the intentions of making them seamless platforms to streamline used industrial equipment & machinery.Mr. Kauffman also saw a need for a more customer friendly fee schedule without the confusion of hidden cost on other auction sites.

Bidlister sets itself apart from the other web sites in it’s creation of a broader spectrum of categories and services; we try to cover areas you don’t find on other sites. We also have a good grasp on used equipment and machinery from our experience in that market.

Our goal is to give you the customer the satisfaction using our site now and into the future as we add more categories and services. We will continue to add features and upgrades to the site. In the ever-changing technological advances, it is important to try to be a step ahead of the competition and to stimulate customer interest.

Our purpose and goal is to keep you, the customer stimulated with new concepts and prosperous in your endeavors with us.

Once again, we thank you for visiting our site.

Bidlister office location

Bidlister LLC.
1660 South Highway 100
Suite 500
St. Louis Park, MN. 55416

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